The Best Games for XBOX

Who does not know about XBOX, although in Indonesia this games is not quietly famous but in international this games called as a rival for PS4? This game console is really famous not because of the features, but it is because of exclusive game titles like Halo, Forza Horison, and Gears of War. if you are the one who has this console or has played this console; you must know the best games for Xbox for all the time. This game will make you so addictive to play and will make you lost all of your time. So without any further a due, let’s start to find one of the best games for Xbox.


Candleman is a 3D adventure platformer game. It can be categorized as a platformer because jumping between platforms is an important point of this game, which is useful for reaching areas in the mission. As a candle, our character can light a fire on his axis and make the surrounding area become bright.

The problem is, like other candles, the time is very limited, even just a few seconds before the candle melts completely which means we have lost one life. But we need to calm, there were enough lives from candles, which is a total of 10 lives. So, the use of fire must be set and used optimally. Actually, the mission of this game is very simple, which is just to go to the next area.

But because the conditions are dark, we also have to look for candles in the mission area and turn it on. The number of candles that are turned on is also different for each mission. Although the function of these candles is only to make the area around the trip brighter and more visible, I think the role of the candle that we light up during the mission is like a star in other games.

So we have to find and turn on as many as there are in each mission. Sometimes we will find a candle that is different and larger, which serves as a checkpoint. Control takes place comfortably in this game, with a fairly simple scheme too. The screen on the left is where we move the candle. Just make the area empty, but it functions like an analog, which is enough to swipe in the direction you want to move the candle.

Then on the left screen will function like any other game, which is as a control to do an action. In this game, if we press and hold it, the candle will light up and if we swipe up, the candle will jump. And once again I remind you, candles can only light up for a while. That is all about the review of the game named candle man for Xbox if you are a game lover you should try this game for your Xbox. It is highly recommended game Xbox ever, you can play with your family or even your friends; this games will be so fun to play with.