Safely Ways Using Smartphone for Your Health

Smartphone, one of the important thing that can not be forgotten by people in this era. Many people use this smartphone all day long and every day without thinking of the bad risk by using a smartphone in a long term. One of the bad risks of staring at phone intensity is the phone will affect your eyes health and of course, you will get some myopic eyes. Then, how can we use a phone and minimize the bad risk for our health especially for eyes health?

6 Ways to Minimize The Bad Risk

According to dr.Julie Dewi Barliana, staring at phone makes our eyes get dry, sensitive and can cause a cataract too. The excessive use of a smartphone, makes our eyes catch the heat wave from the smartphone screen continuously and it has a bad effect on our eyes. Because of that, dr. Julie wants to give some ways to keep our eyes good even we using a smartphone in a day.

  • First things to do is, set up the distance between the smartphone screen with our eyes when using a smartphone. The proper way for keeping the distance between the phone screen and our eyes are around 30 – 40 cm, this is the same as the distance for us reading a book. then, for those people who wear glasses, it is highly recommended to always wear your glasses when using a smartphone.
  • Second is, you need to often blink your eyes. Why? because by blinking the eyes often, we can keep our eyes from getting dry because of staring at the phone screen.
  • Next things to do is, get your eyes some rest at least 20 minutes after using a phone, try to take a break so your eyes do not get sore and dry. Letting the eyes to take a rest without looking at the phone screen will be very helpful in reducing the risk of myopic eyes.
  • The fourth, set up the brightness of your phone. Do not use the brightest screen, set it up as well as your eyes feel. If you feel dizzy when looking at the phone screen, try to adjust the brightness through the setting on your phone.
  • Then, for the next things to do is keep the screen clean. Why do you need to keep the screen clean? Yes, because the dirty screen will make our vision less clear. It will cause our eyes staring at the phone screen closely, so that is why a dirty phone screen can also cause eyes Clean your screen phone regularly with wet tissues and dry tissues, then your eyes will be so comfortable seeing the phone screen.
  • The last things to do is, using a screen protector for our phone screen. This is the important thing for our phone, in addition, to protect our screen from scratches; the screen protector also can help to minimize the bright from our phone so, our eyes will be really comforting to see the phone screen.

That is all the ways to keep our eyes on the risk of using a smartphone. dr Julie said, if we follow those step correctly we can save our eyes from myopia or another eyes diseases. We still can use our smartphone without worrying about eyes damage. Following the modern lifestyle is a necessity, but still, we need to take control of our health first. Be a smart people if you want to use a smartphone, not just because of using a smartphone then you have an eye disease which may be difficult to heal or it may not heal for more. You also need to eat a proper nutritious food, so your body can help the eyes stay good from the inside.