How To Install Google Play On Kindle Fire

Are you wondering How To Install Google Play On Kindle Fire? Never feel frustrated if your Kindle Fire doesn’t support Google Play installation though you thought it was your smartest tablet you have ever bought. It is just an example of how things can’t work well as you expect.

Opening this site will actually spring up your mind and make you feel relief. Since we come to show help you get your Google Play on your Kindle Fire, you must be ready to follow all of the instructions we are going to share.

There are typically three methods of How To Install Google Play On Kindle Fire. Check out the following for more certain information.

How To Install Google Play On Kindle Fire:

Method 1: Download Google Play Store APK Files

The first method to get your Google Play on your Kindle Fire is that you must download the Google Play APK Files. You can do it as follows:

  1. Go to settings and continue to Security. Search for “Apps from Unknown Sources”. Enable this option to allow you installing some files regarding your Google Play Store.
  2. Open your tablet and search “Silk Browser”. Open it and direct yourself to download the APK Files of Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework, Google Play Service and Google Play Store.
  3. Search the option “Download APK”. Make sure you tap on the button.
  4. The next step is to click “OK”.
  5. Now that you have downloaded the APK Files, you can install them by tapping on “Install”.
  6. The last step is to click “Done”.

Method 2: Install the Google Play Store APK Files

If you remember you have already downloaded the APK Files but you don’t find any Google Play installation, you can try the alternative method as follows:

  1. Get out from your “Silky Browser”. As the substitution, you could open the built-in file manager app and docs which have been available on your Kindle Fire.
  2. The next step is to choose “Local Storage”.
  3. Continue the process of How To Install Google Play On Kindle Fire by tapping on “Download “ for the folder.
  4. Simply install the files on your Kindle Fire.
  5. To confirm the installation of Google Play on your Kindle Fire, click “Install” which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Method 3: Use Your New Google Play Store

Opening your Kindle Fire’s home screen, you will see Google Play Store app comes to appear. Now let’s find out what to do next.

Firstly, click your newly opened Google Play Store app. Use your Google account to sign in. Wait for a couple of minutes to get it worked. To update your Google Play Store and Google Play Services, you need to wait up to 10 minutes or more.


Overall, you just need to surf on the net, find the right site and grab the short and brief information about How To Install Google Play On Kindle Fire. This page, for instance, has given you clear methods so that you will feel very easy to follow every suggested step. Finally, have a nice try!


Best 3 Ways How to Delete Apps On iPhone 7

If you are wondering How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7, no worry! We are going to share you the 3 ways how to do it completely. Actually, some apps like built-in apps can be deleted from your iPhone 7 by installing iOS 10. However, you must take a little hard effort to delete the 3D touch apps. It is because tapping on the app icon easily brings its menu of 3D touch. Therefore, it will be a little harder for you to access the “X” to delete the apps on your iPhone 7 home screen.

Now that this review will show you How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7, provide your ten minutes to read it.

How to Delete Apps On iPhone 7:

First Way: Press “X” to Delete iPhone 7 Apps

Since pressing the “X” with the app icon using iOS 11/10 may cause its 3D touch menu, put your finger gently on the icon without pressing down. It means that you must touch the apps smoothly to avoid bring the 3D touch. This is the common way of deleting the apps on iPhone 7. However, you need to repeat the step more than once if you experience failure. Make sure you are not in a hurry to delete the apps. Get relaxed and tap smoothly.

Second Way: Open Your iPhone 7 Settings

The second way How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7 is to open your iPhone 7 setting. Before directly going to open up the setting, you need to know that iOS 11/10 allows you to manage your iPhone 7 storage by removing the apps. In this case, you have to go to the storage managing page and manage the storage. Afterward, you will be able to delete your desired apps.

This second way of deleting the apps through setting on your iPhone is:

Settings > App > General > Storage & iCloud Storage > Manage Storage under STORAGE.

To successfully carry out the removal process, make sure you don’t miss every icon you must tap on. Repeat the step twice or more if you can’t accomplish the deletion process yet.

Third Way: Use Cleaning Tool to Delete Apps on iPhone 7

The third way How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7 is to use the cleaning tool available on your iPhone 7. This tool can definitely help you delete the apps which are not wanted anymore. The cleaning tool is called “PhoneClean”. It comes to enable you to remove the apps only by 1-click and you will be able to delete multiple apps on your newly bought iPhone 7.

Remember! You can enable this tool to find apps on your phone and delete them to free up space. You can also get extra space by deleting app caches, duplicates, and junks files, too.


Finally, we may come to the conclusion that people can absolutely delete the unwanted apps on their iPhone 7 as long as they know How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7. Just search an article about it and follow all the suggested steps.


3 Best File Sharing for Windows You Can Install at Free!

Have you already had Best File Sharing for Windows on your PC? If not, you must have it now! Before we go further about the best file sharing I am going to recommend, it is better to define what actually file sharing is and why it is important.

Based on the standardized definition, file sharing is distributing access to some digital media including computer programs, multimedia, documents, and electronic books. It is a common method of data transmission, too.

It is very important to install file sharing for windows on your PC since you can’t neglect that you will share your files from your mobile devices to your PC or vice versa. Along with the Best File Sharing for Windows, you will be able to distribute your photos, videos, audio files or other files easily and quickly and one of the websites that provide File Sharing software for your windows is FileHorse Software. Considering this reason, we have 3 best file sharing to look at below:

3 Best File Sharing for Windows


AirDC++ is usually used by the client for Advance Direct Connect and Direct Connect networks. This file sharing type is the modern and easy to use so that the users can share files with friends and other people. You can use this file-sharing software and be able to share the files only with people who have a usual interest from all over the world supported by the local network.

AirDC++ has a very high performance completed by lots of useful features including:

  • Easy setting wizard
  • Ability to share different directories
  • Probability to open multiple connections
  • Supporting IPv6 fully
  • Additional searches and automatic download
  • The easy way to find some other alternative sources
  • Supporting NMDC and ADC protocols
  • The ability to control bandwidth

Do you really to download this software? Provide your 46.6 MB and download it free now!


As one of the Best File Sharing for Windows, ApexDC++ is designed as peer-to-peer file sharing software based on StrongDC++ code package. This file sharing can best transfer your great files within a management application that you need for transferring data.

ApexDC++ has a very aggressive upgrade schedule you can expect. It also provides an open relationship for the community to make ApexDC++ the best-recommended application. Functioning as file sharing, ApexDC++ offers some powerful features which include Global Network for DHT, Scripting of LUA, downloading segment, distributing an intelligent file, and strong API plugin.

This file sharing software can be downloaded freely only by providing 22 MB. Don’t miss this one.


Other file-sharing software is Ares. It offers the lowest memory to download it freely. It comes from a free open source that is allowing you to share any digital file such as photos, videos, documents, and audio. You can also join Ares community and join it to transfer your files via peer-to-peer network. Ares also provides chat rooms to meet new friends who are the users of Ares, too.

You may be able to download this file sharing if you have already had Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It’s free for the download.


Conclusively, the 3 Best File Sharing for Windows we have just described above is the 3 file sharing that has been widely used all over the world and much recommended. Thus, you need to consider one of these to download and install freely for your PC.


Top 5 iPad Data Recovery Software in 2019

Losing important data is the worst thing ever. Fortunately, there is a step to recover them. Only a reliable and trusted data recovery software can do it. Thus, the importance of data recovery software is no doubt. Below are top 5 effective iPad data recovery software.

  • Primo iOS Data Recovery

It is one of the top-quality data recovery tools in the market. It supports recovering deleted or lost data from iTunes backup, iCloud backup and iOS devices. Moreover, it has an additional feature to fix some common issues like black screen, white screen, and Apple logo.

This software recovers 25 types of iOS content and has 3 safe recovery modes. In addition, this software gets back lost data to iPhone directly and also compatible with all iPad models. At last, it supports saving the recovered messages, contacts, and more to a computer.

On the other hands, Primo iOS Data Recovery has two disadvantages. This software is not free and takes time to scan device.

  • Dr.Fone

This is a high-grade iPad data recovery software with a user-friendly interface. It provides scanning to find the deleted files. Those deleted files could be photos, messages, videos, music, and etc. Furthermore, it works well with Windows and Mac OS.

There are some advantages of this software like the interface is clear, helpful and easy to use. In addition, it also recovers data and files from iOS devices, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup file. Moreover, the data recovery speed is excellent and even compatible with the latest iOS devices.

However, this is also a paid Software, and it costs a little bit expensive. In addition, it cannot preview all of the files before recovering.

  • iMyFone D-Back

It can be an excellent data recovery software for iPad users to recover various data. It provides four data recovery modes. Those are from iOS Device, iTunes Backup, iCloud Bacup and Smart Recovery. Therefore, iMyFone D-Back helps to get the lost data back with great ease.

Apart from recovering files, it also features preview function with fast scanning speed. Moreover, it supports the new iOS 11 and all iPad devices. However, the trial version has limited functions, and connectivity with iPad sometimes difficult.

  • EaseUS MobiSaver

Another iPad data recovery software is EaseUS MobiSaver. It is safe to recover deleted photos, music, videos, contacts, messages from different data loss cases. Moreover, it previews all recoverable files to make better recovery effects.

This software supports recovering almost all iPad data with 3 recovery modes. Moreover, it also previews option before starting recovery. In addition, it is compatible with a large range of devices. However, the scanning time is longer and may fail to retrieve lost files.

  • iSkysoft

It is a complete package and very effective for recovery. This software has several recovery modes which are compatible with mobile devices and computers. In addition, iSkysoft Toolbox supports to recover 18+ file types.

There are three recovery modes to help recover lost data from iPad device. Moreover, it also allows users to pause scanning at any time and resume later.

Those all of 5 effective iPad data recovery software in 2019 that will help you. Now, every iPad users don’t need to worry about losing data. Many software available and ready to give them service as possible.


3 Best Free Data Recovery Software [Windows, Mac & Linux]

Losing data from your computer can be very annoying especially when the lost files are the important ones. In this case, you may need to consider installing specific software to help you recover the lost data so that you can access them again. The good news is, there are many options that you can choose including free data recovery software that can dig deep enough to find the lost data. Well, the following list will provide you with several recommended options. Please remember that the software listed may only be compatible with certain OS. Find the one that matches your need.

Best Free Data Recovery Software


For a lot of computer users who have experienced losing data, Recuva can be a well-known tool. This software is able to help you recover data from hard drive, DVD, CD, memory cards and even external drive. The fact that makes this one superior to some of the similar tools is that this performs well in recovering photos and hard recovery operations. Furthermore, this tool is user-friendly meaning that you can follow simple instructions to take action. You can download this for free, the paid version is surely affordable, and install this on your Windows PC on most OS versions.


Even though its name seems to tell you that this free data recovery software is only capable of recovering photos, the fact is this one has the ability to restore various types of data in various formats. The great thing about this tool is that this works on multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software can recover around 500 file formats from hard disks and some types of removable media making it a good option to consider. Unfortunately, this is not a user-friendly tool so that you may need to spend longer time to learn and understand how to run the software.

Another tool which is, from our point of view, similar to PhotoRec is TestDisk. This one is also open source software that can work on almost all platforms. Like the PhotoRec, this one is also challenging enough to operate. However, still, this is also a powerful tool to recover your lost data.

Exif Untrasher

The reason why we put Exif Untrasher on the list because this tool is the specific one to use on macOS (macOS 10.6 or above). The main focus of this tool is to recover lost JPEG images that are deleted from your digital camera. However, this tool is also able to restore JPEGs from any external drives, smartphone SD cards, USB thumbsticks, etc. Of course, if you think that you need to recover any other files out of JPEGs, this tool is not what you can use. Please refer to the previous tools as the alternatives.

Those are several options of free data recovery software that you can try to recover lost data on your PC with different platforms. For sure, there are more tools available to download, but the ones on the list are the recommended from us. Keep in touch to get more updates. Thank you for the visit.


HP Envy 7645 Review & Installation Guide

Looking for an all-in-one inkjet printer for home office use, you surely need to check out HP Envy 7645. This multifunction printer is capable of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. The automatic document feeder (ADF) enables you to copy multiple pages at one time. The features offered are also helpful to deal with light to medium-duty printing tasks.

Some Insights into Envy 7645

As stated before, Envy 7645 is capable of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. The multifunction printer measures 7.6 x 17.9 x 16.1 inches (HWD). This printer is equipped with an ADF to help you deal with multiple documents to copy. Besides, the built-in 3.5-inch display provides you with the ease to operate the MFP.

It is a bit unfortunate to know that this printer’s paper handling capacity is relatively small. The input drawer can hold only up to 125 sheets of paper while the output tray is able to keep only up to 25 sheets of paper. For sure, the capacity is not sufficient for you who want a printer for heavy-duty tasks.

The print quality is relatively awesome both in black and color. The photo printing is also reliable for an all-in-one printer at the price range. About the speed, this printer can perform fast printing even though it is not the fastest especially compared to its competitors. However, we believe that this is not a significant weakness that you will complain much.

Envy 7645 supports several mobile printing options including HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and Wireless direct printing. This enables you to directly connect the machine to your mobile devices. This is also equipped with an SD card slot that enables you to do jobs you store in your SD card.

Relatively Easy Setup

When it comes to the setup, for sure you want something easy. It is not difficult to setup Envy 7645. The printer driver file, for instance, is available within the CD driver you get when purchasing the product. Or, you can utilize the internet connection to install the software for the first time you connect it to your computer. For sure, you can also search for the downloadable software you need for the printer before you can use it and enjoy the features available.

Well, if you think that you need more information about where and how to download the printer driver, we provide you with the references you need not only for the printer being discussed but the other models as well.


Best Apps to Read Books Online

“Book is a window to the world.” This sentence is really familiar since you are a child until now. Then, with all existing technological developments, does the term become meaningless? The answer is no. Books remain a source of knowledge for all of us. The only thing that changes is the shape of the book in the present. In the past, the book was in a physical form. The physical book has now been switched and replaced with digital books. This is easier and practical since digital books can be carried more easily anywhere.

Benefits of Reading a Book

FileHippo thinks that your reading hobby doesn’t make you a nerd. In fact, you will get many benefits by reading a book. What are the benefits of reading a book?

  1. Increase knowledge

By reading a book, it can fill you heads about various kinds of new information. The more knowledge you have, then you will be well-prepared to face the challenges of life both in the present and in the future. In addition, knowledge is a very valuable thing that can never be lost. Stories and ideas contained in a book that you read can help to open your mind to get to know other worlds and get more understanding than before.

  1. Improve memory

By reading books, they can contribute to improving the quality of your brain in the memory process by remembering the various things you have read. For example, the character, ambition, background, history, and various kinds of elements in the plot of the books. Every memory can help to forge the brain path and strengthen it.

  1. Add vocabulary

The more you read books, the more you will get explanations about things that you don’t know yet. It can also add to the number of vocabulary that you can use in your daily life. This can help you to be able to articulate, help convey opinions better, and it can increase your confidence when talking with other people.

Best Reading Books Apps

There are several e-book service provider applications that can be used for those of you who really love to read a book. Here are some best reading book applications recommended by FileHippo.

  1. Wattpad

Who doesn’t know Wattpad? There are many great stories, mostly fanfictions that you can read on Wattpad. This app is really popular among teenager and young adults. They often download Wattpad to read fanfictions. There are many stories on Wattpad which has been published into a book.  If you only have free time at night to read digital books, maybe this feature of Wattpad will be very useful for you. The reason is, this application provides night mode or night mode features. So, it can spoil your eyes so you don’t get tired quickly when you want to read at night. This application also provides offline mode features, so you don’t need to always be connected to the internet.

  1. Google Play Books

This application is a default application that you will immediately have when buying an Android smartphone. This application can be used to read books that you have previously purchased through the Google Play Store. There are several e-book options that can also be read for free in it.

  1. Goodreads

Goodreads is also a social media for book lovers. You can interact with other users.  All information regarding a variety of books is presented quite complete. Starting from the rating, a short synopsis, the author, review, the publisher, the year of publication, and much more information. This application also provides a forum group that can be used to interact with other book lovers in all parts of the world. FileHippo recommends you to download this app if you want to know the list new, good, and popular books right now in various genres.

  1. Moco

Through the Moco application, you can search for books and read them directly from this application. The collection of books contained in this application is also quite a lot and varied, ranging from paid to free books.

  1. Aldiko Book Reader

This application has a variety of complete display settings to facilitate and provide comfort for its users while reading, such as changing letters, color letters, background, paragraph, and others. Moreover, there is a word search feature directly from this application.

You can download all of them on FileHippo Free Apps. Go visit the site and get various app and software that you might need right now.


Best Mouse for Gaming

A mouse is not only functions as an input medium, but as a “weapon” especially when playing games. When you consider playing games as a serious activity, then choosing the mouse should also be serious. Therefore choosing the best and high quality gaming mouse is important. Every gamer always wants to have a quality gaming mouse at an affordable price. But is an expensive gaming mouse the best? Not really. An expensive gaming mouse is usually equipped with various features. If you don’t need these features, then you can choose the variant below at a cheaper price.

Common Mouse vs Gaming Mouse

Actually, you don’t need a gaming mouse to play games on a PC. But if you have already begun to realize that your mouse has a slow response, then you must start thinking of buying a gaming mouse. With more expensive prices, more things are offered than the common mouse. Starting from the quality of the body, the level of response, to the features, the gaming mouse offers more than a common mouse. The gaming mouse is also available in various price ranges so that they can be adjusted to your budget.

So if you have started to want to play games more comfortably, then it is important to buy a gaming mouse. By buying a gaming mouse it will not immediately make you more professional in playing games, but you can give you comfort and advantage with its features.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

There are lots of gaming mouse which available on the market, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Follow our guidelines and tips to choose a gaming mouse:

  1. Get to know the Type of Gaming Mouse

If you buy a game console, it is equipped with a suitable controller to be played on all types of games. But to play games on a PC, this is different. Video games can be divided into several specific genres, such as FPS (First Person Shooter), RTS (Real Time Strategy), MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and others. Some gaming mouse is produced for the convenience of certain game genres. So, you can find out first and adjust what type of gaming mouse is needed.

  1. Grip style

Whether it is comfortable or not, you need to consider the grip style that you will use in holding the mouse. In general, there are three grip styles available. The first one is Tip Grip which each fingertip attaches to the surface of the mouse and the palm of the hand does not touch the mouse at all. Meanwhile, the thumb, ring finger, and little finger become the main axis to move the mouse. The second one is Palm Grip which is the standard grip used by most gamers, where the entire palm and fingers stick to the surface of the mouse. The last one is Claw Grip which is a combination of palm grip and tips grim, where each fingertip touches the surface of the mouse but it bends more. The palm is still attached to the surface of the mouse. 3. Laser vs. Optical Sensors

In general, a gaming mouse with has optical sensors is cheaper than the laser one. A mouse with a laser sensor has a higher DPI level. That way the mouse can track more points per inch, making the sensitivity level higher. But today gaming mouse with optical sensors has also been able to achieve high DPI levels. The higher the DPI level, the mouse cursor can move faster. But remember the faster the cursor moves, the harder it is to control.

We hope that you can find the best gaming mouse by following those three tips above.


How to Choose Monitor for Gaming

To make your gaming experience become way funnier and interesting, you need to have the best monitor for gaming. For gamers, to make play games become more exciting and comfortable is not only from games that they are played, but some things that support the game. Playing games certainly require a monitor, right? What monitor can make you comfortable while gaming?

The Role of Monitor for Gaming

What computer parts should you pay attention to so that gaming is more attractive? Well, there are lots of consideration. And also if you want a more exciting gaming experience, you need to choose the best computer monitor. Not all computers can be used to play good games, as well as computer monitors. The monitor is an output coming from the CPU in the form of a boner. The monitor currently varies and can be used as needed, as well as playing games.

The monitor that is widely used by older computers is the CRT monitor. This monitor resembles a cathode tube so many call it a tube monitor. This type of monitor is cheaper than other types of monitors. In addition, there are also types of LCD monitors, these monitors are more expensive than CRT monitors. This monitor uses crystalline liquid and emits light through the liquid. This monitor is a flat screen monitor with a higher resolution than CRT. The Best Games for XBOX for best experience gaming with your new monitor.

Tips to Choose the Best Monitor for Gaming

How to choose the best monitor for playing games? Below are some tips to make it easier for you to choose the best gaming monitor.

  1. Monitor size

Consider the size of the right computer monitor for gaming. To get better and fun gaming experience, you can choose a monitor with a minimum size of 19 inches. The wider the monitor you choose, the better your game will be. If you have a lot of money, you can choose a monitor with a size of 23 inches to 25 inches. However, to get a large enough size monitor, the money you spend is also greater.

  1. Contrast ratio

As high as the contrast ratio, the monitor screen can produce much sharper visuals so you can get a much better gaming experience. A high contrast ratio produces sharp and brighter images.

  1. Monitor response level

The more responsive the computer monitor’s response to gaming, the better the game will be. If the computer monitor that you choose is very slow in responding then you will often experience ghosting. It is the display of the previous image on the screen that can still be seen after the image has changed. So, if the monitor response is slow, the previous image is dimly visible in the image afterward. If ghosting happens, your gameplay becomes less exciting.

  1. Choose an LED monitor

For the best gameplay, you can choose an LED monitor compared to several monitors above. The LED monitor selects a screen that is more sharp, brighter and thinner so that the electrical power used is lower. Even though the price of LED monitors is more expensive, but you can get games that are much more exciting and fun.


7 Things You May Know Before Buy Smartwatch

Lately, this one wearable device is on the rise. The reason, besides being able to support style, the smartwatch can also help our lives. Naturally, besides having various forms, smartwatch also has a myriad of uses. Safely Ways Using Smartphone for Your Health is using smartwatch like this. Starting from the fitness tracker, directions, to communication with the person. Well, before buying, here are 7 things you must know before buying a smartwatch.

1. Smartphone support device

Although supported by a myriad of advanced technologies, smartwatch still acts as a smartphone support device. That is why smartwatch still cannot work optimally if it is not adjacent to a smartphone that is the ‘parent’. That is why, some functions in the smartwatch are actually an extension of the features available on smartphones, ranging from displaying notifications, replying to messages, and others. Yes, even though there are already many vendors that make smartwatches to be used independently, still, the main function of this device is to support the functions of smartphone devices.

2. Pay attention to the purpose of buying a smartwatch

Are you a mobile person because you have a lot of activities? If so, you really need to have a smartwatch. In addition to supporting your appearance with a variety of cool shapes, this tool can really make your life easier. Starting from viewing notifications, replying to messages, to staying updated with the latest news.

3. Have different compatibility

Suppose you have an Android-based smartphone, you don’t need to buy an Apple-made smartwatch. It’s useless, the problem can’t be used too. Even with you who have an iPhone, make sure your smartphone is using iOS 10 and above. This is very important for you to know before deciding to buy a smartwatch. While the smartwatch with the Android Wear 2.0 operating system is like the Motorola 360 or LG smartwatch, this gadget can be paired with all Android OS 5.0 smartphones and above, or paired with iPhone iOS 10 and above.

4. Pay attention to the level of resistance

Do you work outdoors more often? Of course, you need a powerful gadget. Now, for this problem, there are several gadgets that have been equipped with a certificate of water and dust resistance. So that the smartwatch that has been equipped with a certificate is very suitable for use to do outdoor activities, even strong for being wet.

5. Have many charming features

Although the shape is small, this gadget has many features that can make life easier. Starting from sleep monitors that aim to analyze our activities while sleeping, a pedometer to calculate the number of steps and the extent to which we step, or even the GPS feature that allows us to find out the location we are looking for.

6. Have a different operating system than a smartphone

At the beginning of its appearance, most smartwatches are present in the standard Android operating system. However, getting here, Google seems to have a special operating system available for wearable gadgets like a smartwatch, called Android Wear. This operating system is different from the one on a smartphone. The difference includes the interface, even to the system. Simply put, Android Wear looks simpler.

7. Calculate the price and usability issues

Like it or not, the smartwatch has a price that can be quite expensive. That’s why, before buying, we are really obliged to ‘hunt’ smartphones at prices that are right in the pocket. In addition, we also have to really see the features and technology that are carried. Don’t let us spend a lot of money to buy the ideal smartwatch, but it turns out that the features are just like that. It’s a shame, right.