Jabra Elite Active 65T Review – the Affordable Bluetooth Headsets

Jabra Elite Active 65T Review

If you want a pair of reliable earbuds with convenient use and powerful sound quality, you should read Jabra Elite Active 65T review that will give you information and insight about the device. You can learn about the strength and downsides of this device before you march to the store to buy the item. It has its own special features that will improve your audio enjoyment – although you should also be prepared with some of the flaws.

General Info about the Earbuds

This Jabra Elite Active comes packing with various smart assistants, including Siri, Alexa, and Google. The battery can last up to 4.5 hours without the case and 15 hours with it. The on-bud earbuds can be convenient for those who love it. The device itself can deliver impressive and perfect sound quality. However, if you aren’t used to it, the charging case can be confusing and frustrating.

If you have to be honest about it, this device may not be overly perfect, but the device has so many enjoyable and fun features that you would love. If you read Jabra Elite Active 65T review, you will see that this device has a pleasant combination of specs, features, designs, sound, and comfort. In the end, you will love using this device and it will improve your enjoyment to the greatest level.

Design and Sound

Design and Sound

One thing to like about this device is the wireless construction so you won’t have to deal with the fussy cable and the overwhelming arrangement. The sound quality is nice. The bass isn’t breathtaking, but for the price tag, you have to admit that the overall performance is more than satisfactory. The price tag is low and yet the sound quality is similar to those with costlier price tags. It isn’t as expensive as the Airpods Pro and yet the quality is similar. It doesn’t mean that the bass quality is punchy – it is still weak. But with a little tweak, you can enjoy a better range of sound.

The construction is solid and you can actually use it for physical activities without having to worry that it may fall. Whether you are going to the gym or having an afternoon run, you can wear this earbuds conveniently.  There is no flimsy feel to it. Feel free to find other brands that are designed especially for sports and active physical actions, but if you are low on the budgets, this one is pretty satisfying.


As it was mentioned before, this product has the on-buds controls. You will find buttons for both pausing and playing music on the right. There is also a button for answering calls. On the left, you will find a rocker switch, responsible for track and also volume skips.  The switch is quite annoying and it feels fiddly. You need to give yourself enough time to get used to it.

It would be nice if there is a little metal on the construction and design. The current one is made entirely from plastic. It isn’t a huge deal because the construction is quite solid and tough, but it would be quite nice if a little metal can be found in this device. If you read Jabra Elite Active 65T review, you will find out that this device is quite satisfying and good.