How To Install Bluestacks On Your PC

How To Install Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator app that can be installed in a Windows or Mac-based PC. It means you can run any Android app on your PC. To get it, you need to know how to install Bluestacks from the first steps.

This app is virtual. Hence, several features like the camera can’t be used. Bluestacks is more suitable for playing an Android game on PC. To install the app until ready to use, broadly there are 3 steps to do. Check it out below!

How To Install Bluestacks

1. Download the App

Download Bluestacks

First, go to to find the download link. You will see the written “Download Bluestacks” on a green background, that is the link. Click it then wait until the downloading process completes.

Bluestacks is free to download. But, it said that the free version has many ads. It doesn’t matter if you have no problem with ads. However, you can take the premium version to make it free of ads. It costs about USD24.

2. Process the Installation

How to install Bluestacks is not too complicated. Just make sure that the app downloading has completed. You can check it in the download report or by seeing if the Bluestacks icon has appeared.

Open the app after you download it. Then wait until the file is extracted. You will see User Account Control, click Yes. After that, the window will change to process the installation. Click Install Now to start it.

Depending on your computer condition, the installation process could take a long time. The window will also tell you to disable your antivirus. It is because an antivirus sometimes could interfere with the installation process.

What you need to do is only to wait. Then, when the process completes, the screen will display the next window. Click Complete to finish the installation. Now, you can use Bluestack already and set it as you want.

3. Complete the Settings

Before using the app, you need to complete the settings. In the Setup, the app will ask you about location accuracy, choose Agree. Also, you need to choose a language. Then click Start.

On the next step, you have to continue the app with Google account. Enter your active email. Don’t forget the password too. Click Next again to go to the next window.

If your email is fit with the password, the window will display a statement. Then click I Agree. Your Bluestacks app is now ready to use and you can run any Android app on your PC.

Installing Bluestacks can make it easier for you to run any Android apps with a PC. But some questions may bother anyone interested in this app. Is Bluestacks safe for PC? Does it contain malware or so on? Is it trustworthy?

You can believe that the answer is it is safe. It has been tested on several antiviruses. The result shows that Bluestacks is clean from any kind of virus. So, nothing to wait, you have known how to install Bluestacks. And now it is time to install it on your PC.