How to Choose Monitor for Gaming

To make your gaming experience become way funnier and interesting, you need to have the best monitor for gaming. For gamers, to make play games become more exciting and comfortable is not only from games that they are played, but some things that support the game. Playing games certainly require a monitor, right? What monitor can make you comfortable while gaming?

The Role of Monitor for Gaming

What computer parts should you pay attention to so that gaming is more attractive? Well, there are lots of consideration. And also if you want a more exciting gaming experience, you need to choose the best computer monitor. Not all computers can be used to play good games, as well as computer monitors. The monitor is an output coming from the CPU in the form of a boner. The monitor currently varies and can be used as needed, as well as playing games.

The monitor that is widely used by older computers is the CRT monitor. This monitor resembles a cathode tube so many call it a tube monitor. This type of monitor is cheaper than other types of monitors. In addition, there are also types of LCD monitors, these monitors are more expensive than CRT monitors. This monitor uses crystalline liquid and emits light through the liquid. This monitor is a flat screen monitor with a higher resolution than CRT. The Best Games for XBOX for best experience gaming with your new monitor.

Tips to Choose the Best Monitor for Gaming

How to choose the best monitor for playing games? Below are some tips to make it easier for you to choose the best gaming monitor.

  1. Monitor size

Consider the size of the right computer monitor for gaming. To get better and fun gaming experience, you can choose a monitor with a minimum size of 19 inches. The wider the monitor you choose, the better your game will be. If you have a lot of money, you can choose a monitor with a size of 23 inches to 25 inches. However, to get a large enough size monitor, the money you spend is also greater.

  1. Contrast ratio

As high as the contrast ratio, the monitor screen can produce much sharper visuals so you can get a much better gaming experience. A high contrast ratio produces sharp and brighter images.

  1. Monitor response level

The more responsive the computer monitor’s response to gaming, the better the game will be. If the computer monitor that you choose is very slow in responding then you will often experience ghosting. It is the display of the previous image on the screen that can still be seen after the image has changed. So, if the monitor response is slow, the previous image is dimly visible in the image afterward. If ghosting happens, your gameplay becomes less exciting.

  1. Choose an LED monitor

For the best gameplay, you can choose an LED monitor compared to several monitors above. The LED monitor selects a screen that is more sharp, brighter and thinner so that the electrical power used is lower. Even though the price of LED monitors is more expensive, but you can get games that are much more exciting and fun.