How To Recover Snapchat Messages Quickly

How To Recover Snapchat Messages

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media where people can share videos, photos, and text to other people. With this app, people can also add and make new friends and even chat with them online. This is one of the benefits of this app that people enjoy. However, another benefit from this app is that people can recover their deleted messages and view them again. Usually, a message on Snapchat will be available on the media for 24 hours only before they vanish. But now with some tricky ways, people can learn how to recover Snapchat messages that have disappeared.

Snapchat will automatically delete a person’s post 24 hours after they have posted the story. People can save the story if they want to see it again by downloading the story on their phone. However, this step will add data and cost some of your internet data. Now, there are ways people can still see their stories without having to download them again. Here are the steps on how to recover Snapchat messages on your phone:

How To Recover Snapchat Messages

1. Download File Manager

When you upload a story into Snapchat, the truth is that the message is recovered in the storage of your phone. However, the file is renamed, and the location of the story is unique, so people don’t notice it. The deleted messages are renamed with a .nomedia extension. To read this media, people will have to download the file manager first. Then using the file manager, open the Snapchat folder to see the messages. Search for the .nomedia extension only and remove the extension to open it. Once you have renamed the file you can open and see it again.

2. Highlight Chat

Another easy way to save your chats is by highlighting it before it disappears. This can be done by using any kind of phone whether it is android or iPhone. Open the Snapchat message or the message that you have delivered to your friend. Then click the message until it turns grey. This process means that you have saved the message and it will not disappear.

3. Snapchat Recovery for iPhone Users

For those who are using an iPhone can recover their messages using software named the FoneLab. This software can help recover any kind of data on your phone including Snapchat messages. However, to recover the messages you will have to connect your phone to a PC. Then open the app, and your data will automatically recover. You can then open the messages that have been deleted in the Snapchat folder.

4. Dumpster App

Dumpster App

An application that can help you recover your messages is the Dumpster app. This app works as a recycle bin on your phone, so whatever kind of deleted things will be here. When you have installed this app on your phone make sure to turn the setting on. This simple but important step is the key to recovering your messages. Because the system on how to recover Snapchat messages depends on this key.

5. Resend from the Receiver

If you have tried all these steps above and there is still no result, then use the traditional way. Ask your friend to resend the message back so you can save it on your phone. Sometimes, the traditional ways are still the best solution.

So, before Snapchat deletes the message you should save the message first. How to recover Snapchat messages is a bit tricky and sometimes it doesn’t succeed. Therefore, it is best to prevent rather than treating the deleted messages.

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Get These Benefits in Your Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass is popular in Asia land. It is used for various purposes, such as for cooking and medicinal herb. Some other brew lemongrass to make a cup of tea. They get a lot of lemongrass benefits when enjoying it in a drink. If you are living outside Asia, don’t be worry. Just find out how to harvest lemongrass matched with your environment. Actually, planting lemongrass is easy to do.

Some researchers have proven the lemongrass benefits. It reliefs someone from insomnia, fever, pain, even more, infections. It is because lemongrass has antioxidants that boost the immune system and protects against antibiotic-resistant. Also, when you are having cholesterol or diabetes, lemongrass is able to help you too.

Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

People believe that having an herb is one of the effective ways to cure problems. That is why making lemongrass tea is good for your body. We have mentioned several benefits of lemongrass above. See the other benefits below while you are having it in your tea:

  1. Calming Anxiety

Nothing more relaxing than having a warm tea on your hand. When you put lemongrass inside, your tea will reduce your anxiety. You can sit and escape for a while for the daily job, the crowd of e-mail requests, and whatever. Try it to smell it from your hot tea. Get calm and peace of mind.

  1. Body Detox

Lemongrass may help you in cleansing your body from toxins. It flushes harmful things from in organs body, for example, the liver and kidneys. As a result, your urination frequency is increasing and less acid. It is good, it means your digestive is maintained and your body is detoxified.

  1. Relieves Insomnia

If you are having sleeping trouble, then you must have a lemongrass tea for a minute. Lemongrass tea helps you in calming muscles and nerves. It is one of the lemongrass benefits in promoting your brain to sleep. Lemongrass tea has a sedative and hypnotic effect. Besides your body gets relaxed to sleep, it might increase your sleep duration too.

  1. Cure Respiratory Disorders

Smelling lemongrass hot tea is not only calming your mind. It is also able to heal cough and cold. Lemongrass contains vitamin C which helps people in nasal blockages, flu, and any kind of respiratory disorder. If you or someone has asthma, try this at least every night before sleeping.

  1. Comforts Headaches and Migraines

Having a cup of tea may eliminate your stress. But you will get more lemongrass benefits because it reduces the pain caused by headaches and migraines. Lemongrass releases phytonutrients to improve blood circulation. It helps to relieve muscle cramps, sprains, and backaches.

  1. Oral Health

In many countries, people take lemongrass in sticks and chew it. This method improves dental health and keeps your mouth clean. Lemongrass inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth. But if you feel strange to follow that way, you can let the lemongrass inside your tea. After a few minutes, you can chew it slowly. At least by letting it inside your tea, it is softened.

Many people choose lemongrass as an alternative choice. They believe lemongrass benefits might boost their health. In addition, there are many ways to enjoy lemongrass besides brewing it. As we said, Asian people used to make dishes with lemongrass. Indeed, it delicious adding the lemongrass into your soup and other frying dishes.

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How To Write Good Instagram Captions In Five Steps

Good Instagram Captions

Instagram is getting popular nowadays. Not only do teenagers but almost all people no matter young or old have Instagram. Moreover, on Instagram people can upload photos and videos with good Instagram captions. Thus, knowing how to write good Instagram captions is important.

It’s because through Instagram people can also sell something and find new friends. In addition, Instagram has a very good prospect for marketing. There are a lot of people active on Instagram than other apps.

Write Good Instagram Captions

Below are how to write good captions on Instagram.

Write The Draft

The first thing to do is writing the draft. This draft is very helpful. It’s because it will make a concept for you to decide what to write. Moreover, with the draft, you can still do revision and upload it at once.

Draft becomes the most important part of how to write good Instagram captions. Moreover, it helps us to be more confident to write a caption on Instagram. You won’t afraid of making a mistake because you prepare a draft first.

Focus On Something

Another most important is to focus on what you are trying to write. This is to make the reader understand where you try to bring them. Focusing on one topic will make your caption more organized. In addition, the meaning won’t be ambiguous.

Thus, there are going to be many people giving likes to your picture and caption. It’s also can make you have more followers. People having the same concern as yours will follow you. An online shop uses a caption which can persuade others to buy their products. That’s the example.

Use Emojis


Emojis are very popular nowadays. It tells a lot about anything. Thus, it also represents your captions. There are many kinds of emojis that users can use. Most of them represent many feelings. Therefore, many people like to use it instead of writing too much word.

Emojis become the important thing on how to write good Instagram captions. People tend to use more emojis to express their feeling. A picture can lie and so does emojis. However, mixing one emojis with another won’t make people spot something easily. Thus, emojis could be very useful.

Limit Your Hashtags

Hashtags are also important in making captions. However, too many hashtags are bothering. Thus, try to limit your hashtag such as only make four hashtags on your post. Hashtags have something to make people can see your post. People who are not your followers.

Moreover, for marketing content or a competition, hashtags are important. However, too much of it will bother the reader.

Keep It Brief

Try to make your captions short, but meaningful. With this way, people will more likely to read it. Long captions sometimes will make others bored. It’s too long and takes too much time to read it. Thus, try to keep it short, so people won’t feel lazy to read it.

Brief but meaningful is better than long but has no meaning. People like to make a story about their life. However, repeating what you’re trying to say is disgusting. Therefore, write brief captions but has a deep meaning is much more awesome.

Remember, good Instagram captions will attract many visitors to your account. As a consequence, it also can add your followers. Therefore, how to write good Instagram captions is what you need. Express yourself with the captions.

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