Best Apps to Read Books Online

“Book is a window to the world.” This sentence is really familiar since you are a child until now. Then, with all existing technological developments, does the term become meaningless? The answer is no. Books remain a source of knowledge for all of us. The only thing that changes is the shape of the book in the present. In the past, the book was in a physical form. The physical book has now been switched and replaced with digital books. This is easier and practical since digital books can be carried more easily anywhere.

Benefits of Reading a Book

FileHippo thinks that your reading hobby doesn’t make you a nerd. In fact, you will get many benefits by reading a book. What are the benefits of reading a book?

  1. Increase knowledge

By reading a book, it can fill you heads about various kinds of new information. The more knowledge you have, then you will be well-prepared to face the challenges of life both in the present and in the future. In addition, knowledge is a very valuable thing that can never be lost. Stories and ideas contained in a book that you read can help to open your mind to get to know other worlds and get more understanding than before.

  1. Improve memory

By reading books, they can contribute to improving the quality of your brain in the memory process by remembering the various things you have read. For example, the character, ambition, background, history, and various kinds of elements in the plot of the books. Every memory can help to forge the brain path and strengthen it.

  1. Add vocabulary

The more you read books, the more you will get explanations about things that you don’t know yet. It can also add to the number of vocabulary that you can use in your daily life. This can help you to be able to articulate, help convey opinions better, and it can increase your confidence when talking with other people.

Best Reading Books Apps

There are several e-book service provider applications that can be used for those of you who really love to read a book. Here are some best reading book applications recommended by FileHippo.

  1. Wattpad

Who doesn’t know Wattpad? There are many great stories, mostly fanfictions that you can read on Wattpad. This app is really popular among teenager and young adults. They often download Wattpad to read fanfictions. There are many stories on Wattpad which has been published into a book.  If you only have free time at night to read digital books, maybe this feature of Wattpad will be very useful for you. The reason is, this application provides night mode or night mode features. So, it can spoil your eyes so you don’t get tired quickly when you want to read at night. This application also provides offline mode features, so you don’t need to always be connected to the internet.

  1. Google Play Books

This application is a default application that you will immediately have when buying an Android smartphone. This application can be used to read books that you have previously purchased through the Google Play Store. There are several e-book options that can also be read for free in it.

  1. Goodreads

Goodreads is also a social media for book lovers. You can interact with other users.  All information regarding a variety of books is presented quite complete. Starting from the rating, a short synopsis, the author, review, the publisher, the year of publication, and much more information. This application also provides a forum group that can be used to interact with other book lovers in all parts of the world. FileHippo recommends you to download this app if you want to know the list new, good, and popular books right now in various genres.

  1. Moco

Through the Moco application, you can search for books and read them directly from this application. The collection of books contained in this application is also quite a lot and varied, ranging from paid to free books.

  1. Aldiko Book Reader

This application has a variety of complete display settings to facilitate and provide comfort for its users while reading, such as changing letters, color letters, background, paragraph, and others. Moreover, there is a word search feature directly from this application.

You can download all of them on FileHippo Free Apps. Go visit the site and get various app and software that you might need right now.

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Best Mouse for Gaming

A mouse is not only functions as an input medium, but as a “weapon” especially when playing games. When you consider playing games as a serious activity, then choosing the mouse should also be serious. Therefore choosing the best and high quality gaming mouse is important. Every gamer always wants to have a quality gaming mouse at an affordable price. But is an expensive gaming mouse the best? Not really. An expensive gaming mouse is usually equipped with various features. If you don’t need these features, then you can choose the variant below at a cheaper price.

Common Mouse vs Gaming Mouse

Actually, you don’t need a gaming mouse to play games on a PC. But if you have already begun to realize that your mouse has a slow response, then you must start thinking of buying a gaming mouse. With more expensive prices, more things are offered than the common mouse. Starting from the quality of the body, the level of response, to the features, the gaming mouse offers more than a common mouse. The gaming mouse is also available in various price ranges so that they can be adjusted to your budget.

So if you have started to want to play games more comfortably, then it is important to buy a gaming mouse. By buying a gaming mouse it will not immediately make you more professional in playing games, but you can give you comfort and advantage with its features.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

There are lots of gaming mouse which available on the market, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Follow our guidelines and tips to choose a gaming mouse:

  1. Get to know the Type of Gaming Mouse

If you buy a game console, it is equipped with a suitable controller to be played on all types of games. But to play games on a PC, this is different. Video games can be divided into several specific genres, such as FPS (First Person Shooter), RTS (Real Time Strategy), MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and others. Some gaming mouse is produced for the convenience of certain game genres. So, you can find out first and adjust what type of gaming mouse is needed.

  1. Grip style

Whether it is comfortable or not, you need to consider the grip style that you will use in holding the mouse. In general, there are three grip styles available. The first one is Tip Grip which each fingertip attaches to the surface of the mouse and the palm of the hand does not touch the mouse at all. Meanwhile, the thumb, ring finger, and little finger become the main axis to move the mouse. The second one is Palm Grip which is the standard grip used by most gamers, where the entire palm and fingers stick to the surface of the mouse. The last one is Claw Grip which is a combination of palm grip and tips grim, where each fingertip touches the surface of the mouse but it bends more. The palm is still attached to the surface of the mouse. 3. Laser vs. Optical Sensors

In general, a gaming mouse with has optical sensors is cheaper than the laser one. A mouse with a laser sensor has a higher DPI level. That way the mouse can track more points per inch, making the sensitivity level higher. But today gaming mouse with optical sensors has also been able to achieve high DPI levels. The higher the DPI level, the mouse cursor can move faster. But remember the faster the cursor moves, the harder it is to control.

We hope that you can find the best gaming mouse by following those three tips above.

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How to Choose Monitor for Gaming

To make your gaming experience become way funnier and interesting, you need to have the best monitor for gaming. For gamers, to make play games become more exciting and comfortable is not only from games that they are played, but some things that support the game. Playing games certainly require a monitor, right? What monitor can make you comfortable while gaming?

The Role of Monitor for Gaming

What computer parts should you pay attention to so that gaming is more attractive? Well, there are lots of consideration. And also if you want a more exciting gaming experience, you need to choose the best computer monitor. Not all computers can be used to play good games, as well as computer monitors. The monitor is an output coming from the CPU in the form of a boner. The monitor currently varies and can be used as needed, as well as playing games.

The monitor that is widely used by older computers is the CRT monitor. This monitor resembles a cathode tube so many call it a tube monitor. This type of monitor is cheaper than other types of monitors. In addition, there are also types of LCD monitors, these monitors are more expensive than CRT monitors. This monitor uses crystalline liquid and emits light through the liquid. This monitor is a flat screen monitor with a higher resolution than CRT. The Best Games for XBOX for best experience gaming with your new monitor.

Tips to Choose the Best Monitor for Gaming

How to choose the best monitor for playing games? Below are some tips to make it easier for you to choose the best gaming monitor.

  1. Monitor size

Consider the size of the right computer monitor for gaming. To get better and fun gaming experience, you can choose a monitor with a minimum size of 19 inches. The wider the monitor you choose, the better your game will be. If you have a lot of money, you can choose a monitor with a size of 23 inches to 25 inches. However, to get a large enough size monitor, the money you spend is also greater.

  1. Contrast ratio

As high as the contrast ratio, the monitor screen can produce much sharper visuals so you can get a much better gaming experience. A high contrast ratio produces sharp and brighter images.

  1. Monitor response level

The more responsive the computer monitor’s response to gaming, the better the game will be. If the computer monitor that you choose is very slow in responding then you will often experience ghosting. It is the display of the previous image on the screen that can still be seen after the image has changed. So, if the monitor response is slow, the previous image is dimly visible in the image afterward. If ghosting happens, your gameplay becomes less exciting.

  1. Choose an LED monitor

For the best gameplay, you can choose an LED monitor compared to several monitors above. The LED monitor selects a screen that is more sharp, brighter and thinner so that the electrical power used is lower. Even though the price of LED monitors is more expensive, but you can get games that are much more exciting and fun.

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7 Things You May Know Before Buy Smartwatch

Lately, this one wearable device is on the rise. The reason, besides being able to support style, the smartwatch can also help our lives. Naturally, besides having various forms, smartwatch also has a myriad of uses. Safely Ways Using Smartphone for Your Health is using smartwatch like this. Starting from the fitness tracker, directions, to communication with the person. Well, before buying, here are 7 things you must know before buying a smartwatch.

1. Smartphone support device

Although supported by a myriad of advanced technologies, smartwatch still acts as a smartphone support device. That is why smartwatch still cannot work optimally if it is not adjacent to a smartphone that is the ‘parent’. That is why, some functions in the smartwatch are actually an extension of the features available on smartphones, ranging from displaying notifications, replying to messages, and others. Yes, even though there are already many vendors that make smartwatches to be used independently, still, the main function of this device is to support the functions of smartphone devices.

2. Pay attention to the purpose of buying a smartwatch

Are you a mobile person because you have a lot of activities? If so, you really need to have a smartwatch. In addition to supporting your appearance with a variety of cool shapes, this tool can really make your life easier. Starting from viewing notifications, replying to messages, to staying updated with the latest news.

3. Have different compatibility

Suppose you have an Android-based smartphone, you don’t need to buy an Apple-made smartwatch. It’s useless, the problem can’t be used too. Even with you who have an iPhone, make sure your smartphone is using iOS 10 and above. This is very important for you to know before deciding to buy a smartwatch. While the smartwatch with the Android Wear 2.0 operating system is like the Motorola 360 or LG smartwatch, this gadget can be paired with all Android OS 5.0 smartphones and above, or paired with iPhone iOS 10 and above.

4. Pay attention to the level of resistance

Do you work outdoors more often? Of course, you need a powerful gadget. Now, for this problem, there are several gadgets that have been equipped with a certificate of water and dust resistance. So that the smartwatch that has been equipped with a certificate is very suitable for use to do outdoor activities, even strong for being wet.

5. Have many charming features

Although the shape is small, this gadget has many features that can make life easier. Starting from sleep monitors that aim to analyze our activities while sleeping, a pedometer to calculate the number of steps and the extent to which we step, or even the GPS feature that allows us to find out the location we are looking for.

6. Have a different operating system than a smartphone

At the beginning of its appearance, most smartwatches are present in the standard Android operating system. However, getting here, Google seems to have a special operating system available for wearable gadgets like a smartwatch, called Android Wear. This operating system is different from the one on a smartphone. The difference includes the interface, even to the system. Simply put, Android Wear looks simpler.

7. Calculate the price and usability issues

Like it or not, the smartwatch has a price that can be quite expensive. That’s why, before buying, we are really obliged to ‘hunt’ smartphones at prices that are right in the pocket. In addition, we also have to really see the features and technology that are carried. Don’t let us spend a lot of money to buy the ideal smartwatch, but it turns out that the features are just like that. It’s a shame, right.

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The Best Games for XBOX

Who does not know about XBOX, although in Indonesia this games is not quietly famous but in international this games called as a rival for PS4? This game console is really famous not because of the features, but it is because of exclusive game titles like Halo, Forza Horison, and Gears of War. if you are the one who has this console or has played this console; you must know the best games for Xbox for all the time. This game will make you so addictive to play and will make you lost all of your time. So without any further a due, let’s start to find one of the best games for Xbox.


Candleman is a 3D adventure platformer game. It can be categorized as a platformer because jumping between platforms is an important point of this game, which is useful for reaching areas in the mission. As a candle, our character can light a fire on his axis and make the surrounding area become bright.

The problem is, like other candles, the time is very limited, even just a few seconds before the candle melts completely which means we have lost one life. But we need to calm, there were enough lives from candles, which is a total of 10 lives. So, the use of fire must be set and used optimally. Actually, the mission of this game is very simple, which is just to go to the next area.

But because the conditions are dark, we also have to look for candles in the mission area and turn it on. The number of candles that are turned on is also different for each mission. Although the function of these candles is only to make the area around the trip brighter and more visible, I think the role of the candle that we light up during the mission is like a star in other games.

So we have to find and turn on as many as there are in each mission. Sometimes we will find a candle that is different and larger, which serves as a checkpoint. Control takes place comfortably in this game, with a fairly simple scheme too. The screen on the left is where we move the candle. Just make the area empty, but it functions like an analog, which is enough to swipe in the direction you want to move the candle.

Then on the left screen will function like any other game, which is as a control to do an action. In this game, if we press and hold it, the candle will light up and if we swipe up, the candle will jump. And once again I remind you, candles can only light up for a while. That is all about the review of the game named candle man for Xbox if you are a game lover you should try this game for your Xbox. It is highly recommended game Xbox ever, you can play with your family or even your friends; this games will be so fun to play with.

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Safely Ways Using Smartphone for Your Health

Smartphone, one of the important thing that can not be forgotten by people in this era. Many people use this smartphone all day long and every day without thinking of the bad risk by using a smartphone in a long term. One of the bad risks of staring at phone intensity is the phone will affect your eyes health and of course, you will get some myopic eyes. Then, how can we use a phone and minimize the bad risk for our health especially for eyes health?

6 Ways to Minimize The Bad Risk

According to dr.Julie Dewi Barliana, staring at phone makes our eyes get dry, sensitive and can cause a cataract too. The excessive use of a smartphone, makes our eyes catch the heat wave from the smartphone screen continuously and it has a bad effect on our eyes. Because of that, dr. Julie wants to give some ways to keep our eyes good even we using a smartphone in a day.

  • First things to do is, set up the distance between the smartphone screen with our eyes when using a smartphone. The proper way for keeping the distance between the phone screen and our eyes are around 30 – 40 cm, this is the same as the distance for us reading a book. then, for those people who wear glasses, it is highly recommended to always wear your glasses when using a smartphone.
  • Second is, you need to often blink your eyes. Why? because by blinking the eyes often, we can keep our eyes from getting dry because of staring at the phone screen.
  • Next things to do is, get your eyes some rest at least 20 minutes after using a phone, try to take a break so your eyes do not get sore and dry. Letting the eyes to take a rest without looking at the phone screen will be very helpful in reducing the risk of myopic eyes.
  • The fourth, set up the brightness of your phone. Do not use the brightest screen, set it up as well as your eyes feel. If you feel dizzy when looking at the phone screen, try to adjust the brightness through the setting on your phone.
  • Then, for the next things to do is keep the screen clean. Why do you need to keep the screen clean? Yes, because the dirty screen will make our vision less clear. It will cause our eyes staring at the phone screen closely, so that is why a dirty phone screen can also cause eyes Clean your screen phone regularly with wet tissues and dry tissues, then your eyes will be so comfortable seeing the phone screen.
  • The last things to do is, using a screen protector for our phone screen. This is the important thing for our phone, in addition, to protect our screen from scratches; the screen protector also can help to minimize the bright from our phone so, our eyes will be really comforting to see the phone screen.

That is all the ways to keep our eyes on the risk of using a smartphone. dr Julie said, if we follow those step correctly we can save our eyes from myopia or another eyes diseases. We still can use our smartphone without worrying about eyes damage. Following the modern lifestyle is a necessity, but still, we need to take control of our health first. Be a smart people if you want to use a smartphone, not just because of using a smartphone then you have an eye disease which may be difficult to heal or it may not heal for more. You also need to eat a proper nutritious food, so your body can help the eyes stay good from the inside.

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