5 Best Sites and Apps to Sell Clothes Online

This day, almost every business in this world has used the internet to sell their products. The availability of the internet succeeds in creating an opportunity for all kinds of businesses to grow bigger. The most famous stuff that has been sold using an online method is clothes and other fashion stuff. There are many best apps and sites for selling clothes that you might love.

Sometimes, we buy some clothes because we are interested in the design and it ends up in our wardrobe. You can sell them if you think that you do not need them anymore and earn extra cash. Finding the right apps to sell clothes is the first thing that you should think about if you want to get some extra cash. Here some of the best apps for selling clothes for you:

1. eBay


While choosing the right apps for selling clothes, it will be better if you choose the biggest app. eBay can be the perfect yard for you to sell clothes and then connect with a lot of people from the whole world. You only need to download the free software of eBay and then create a new account. Make sure you take the best picture of your stuff before you post it.

2. ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace

If you are interested to open a new store, you don’t need to create a big store near your house. Asos Marketplace can give you the yard to sell clothes and then connect with the buyer from around the world. ASOS will take a 10% commission from the sale price but it is very beneficial to get more money. You can use this app as your thrift store and enjoy it there.

3. Etsy


The best thing to do while you want to sell clothes is entering the community that has the same taste as what you sell. On Etsy, you can sell vintage style or also hand made clothes with a lot of potential buyers waiting for it. In this application, you need to compete with more than 1.7 million sellers. You need to pay attention to your marketing strategy then.

4. ThredUp


Another best app for selling clothes that you should try is this ThredUp. There are available for more than 30,000 fashion brands in every category and you can buy it with a 90% discount on the retail place. You can also sell unused clothes on your wardrobe and request a “Clean Out Kit” in ThredUp. It can boost up your profile and then make your products can be seen by a lot of people.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

If you want to reach wider audiences, you can use Facebook Marketplace to sell your clothes. Even this application is not specific only for clothes but this market can be the best place to reach your customer. You can connect to the Facebook Marketplace via a Facebook app so you don’t need to install other apps only to sell clothes.

So these are some best apps and sites for selling clothes that might be fitted with your needs. Hope your business will grow and make you earn extra money, good luck!