Best Mouse for Gaming

A mouse is not only functions as an input medium, but as a “weapon” especially when playing games. When you consider playing games as a serious activity, then choosing the mouse should also be serious. Therefore choosing the best and high quality gaming mouse is important. Every gamer always wants to have a quality gaming mouse at an affordable price. But is an expensive gaming mouse the best? Not really. An expensive gaming mouse is usually equipped with various features. If you don’t need these features, then you can choose the variant below at a cheaper price.

Common Mouse vs Gaming Mouse

Actually, you don’t need a gaming mouse to play games on a PC. But if you have already begun to realize that your mouse has a slow response, then you must start thinking of buying a gaming mouse. With more expensive prices, more things are offered than the common mouse. Starting from the quality of the body, the level of response, to the features, the gaming mouse offers more than a common mouse. The gaming mouse is also available in various price ranges so that they can be adjusted to your budget.

So if you have started to want to play games more comfortably, then it is important to buy a gaming mouse. By buying a gaming mouse it will not immediately make you more professional in playing games, but you can give you comfort and advantage with its features.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

There are lots of gaming mouse which available on the market, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Follow our guidelines and tips to choose a gaming mouse:

  1. Get to know the Type of Gaming Mouse

If you buy a game console, it is equipped with a suitable controller to be played on all types of games. But to play games on a PC, this is different. Video games can be divided into several specific genres, such as FPS (First Person Shooter), RTS (Real Time Strategy), MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and others. Some gaming mouse is produced for the convenience of certain game genres. So, you can find out first and adjust what type of gaming mouse is needed.

  1. Grip style

Whether it is comfortable or not, you need to consider the grip style that you will use in holding the mouse. In general, there are three grip styles available. The first one is Tip Grip which each fingertip attaches to the surface of the mouse and the palm of the hand does not touch the mouse at all. Meanwhile, the thumb, ring finger, and little finger become the main axis to move the mouse. The second one is Palm Grip which is the standard grip used by most gamers, where the entire palm and fingers stick to the surface of the mouse. The last one is Claw Grip which is a combination of palm grip and tips grim, where each fingertip touches the surface of the mouse but it bends more. The palm is still attached to the surface of the mouse. 3. Laser vs. Optical Sensors

In general, a gaming mouse with has optical sensors is cheaper than the laser one. A mouse with a laser sensor has a higher DPI level. That way the mouse can track more points per inch, making the sensitivity level higher. But today gaming mouse with optical sensors has also been able to achieve high DPI levels. The higher the DPI level, the mouse cursor can move faster. But remember the faster the cursor moves, the harder it is to control.

We hope that you can find the best gaming mouse by following those three tips above.