5 Best Apps For iPad Pro to Support Your Creative Job 

iPad Pro

Some people need a job with more creativity to attract attention from investors, clients, and consumers. Thus, they should make a presentation to become this job. So, they need some applications to support their job. Fortunately, nowadays there is an iPad with a screen 12,9 ‘. So, it requires the best apps for iPad Pro, and here are some references apps:

1. Evernote


Making a unique presentation is a must for all businessmen. Thus, the best apps for iPad Pro will support it. Evernote is good to apply on the widescreen of the iPad. Its versatility and flexibility allow this media to record ideas and activities to become one. So, creative people must have this application.

This application is the best ever. Evernote will support all of its users. Now, users can create a draw by pen for iPad with Evernote. So, creativity will be more fun. This is the advanced capability for Evernote and iPad pro users to make a job more simple.

2. Paper


This app is more suitable for designers. They can save their creation in an easy way. So, every user of iPad pro, especially for designers or architecture. This application is ready for a pen with all sizes, brush with all sizes.

For all people with creative jobs, some ideas sometimes come suddenly. If that happens, this application will open every time and can write or design the idea easily. So, it’s very easy to use and every user can catch the idea easily.

3. LiquidText


Another of the best apps for iPad Pro is LiquidText. This application can collect all of the text from other media and change it into the text in the word format or pdf format. For a part of people always find inspiration from the piece of word from others.

The liquid text will change the text from a quote or piece of a word and change into real text like user type normally. So, this application is more helpful than others. Even more, for the people who won’t retype the text based on what the media has read before.

4. Assembly


Creative people will make a presentation that is more attractive than usual. So, this application will support it. There are many kinds of themes. Especially if the user is a designer. This application will ask before log in and give the tutorial to create a good design.

Assembly is the ability to create vector images with premade shapes. So, this application will help to create some pictures for design and creative jobs. So, for people who get a job as a programmer, designer, and entrepreneur who uses the iPad pro. This application is a must.

5. Procreate


Although this application should pay the bill for downloading it before, this is the best app for iPad pro. Paybill range $5,99. This application will support creating sketches and images on the touchscreen. There are 128 brushes with different types and sizes.

Sketch from procreating can export to Dropbox, iCloud, and Google drive. This application is the same with another application for iPad pro, that supports to draw, make sketches, and make web design.

Having an iPad pro for creative people, especially for people who get job creative professions. Applying the best apps for iPad Pro is a must. Those people who need some applications will help the job. So, those applications are very well recommended. To get the apps, you can easily check on Free Drivers and Sofware.