7 Things You May Know Before Buy Smartwatch

Lately, this one wearable device is on the rise. The reason, besides being able to support style, the smartwatch can also help our lives. Naturally, besides having various forms, smartwatch also has a myriad of uses. Safely Ways Using Smartphone for Your Health is using smartwatch like this. Starting from the fitness tracker, directions, to communication with the person. Well, before buying, here are 7 things you must know before buying a smartwatch.

1. Smartphone support device

Although supported by a myriad of advanced technologies, smartwatch still acts as a smartphone support device. That is why smartwatch still cannot work optimally if it is not adjacent to a smartphone that is the ‘parent’. That is why, some functions in the smartwatch are actually an extension of the features available on smartphones, ranging from displaying notifications, replying to messages, and others. Yes, even though there are already many vendors that make smartwatches to be used independently, still, the main function of this device is to support the functions of smartphone devices.

2. Pay attention to the purpose of buying a smartwatch

Are you a mobile person because you have a lot of activities? If so, you really need to have a smartwatch. In addition to supporting your appearance with a variety of cool shapes, this tool can really make your life easier. Starting from viewing notifications, replying to messages, to staying updated with the latest news.

3. Have different compatibility

Suppose you have an Android-based smartphone, you don’t need to buy an Apple-made smartwatch. It’s useless, the problem can’t be used too. Even with you who have an iPhone, make sure your smartphone is using iOS 10 and above. This is very important for you to know before deciding to buy a smartwatch. While the smartwatch with the Android Wear 2.0 operating system is like the Motorola 360 or LG smartwatch, this gadget can be paired with all Android OS 5.0 smartphones and above, or paired with iPhone iOS 10 and above.

4. Pay attention to the level of resistance

Do you work outdoors more often? Of course, you need a powerful gadget. Now, for this problem, there are several gadgets that have been equipped with a certificate of water and dust resistance. So that the smartwatch that has been equipped with a certificate is very suitable for use to do outdoor activities, even strong for being wet.

5. Have many charming features

Although the shape is small, this gadget has many features that can make life easier. Starting from sleep monitors that aim to analyze our activities while sleeping, a pedometer to calculate the number of steps and the extent to which we step, or even the GPS feature that allows us to find out the location we are looking for.

6. Have a different operating system than a smartphone

At the beginning of its appearance, most smartwatches are present in the standard Android operating system. However, getting here, Google seems to have a special operating system available for wearable gadgets like a smartwatch, called Android Wear. This operating system is different from the one on a smartphone. The difference includes the interface, even to the system. Simply put, Android Wear looks simpler.

7. Calculate the price and usability issues

Like it or not, the smartwatch has a price that can be quite expensive. That’s why, before buying, we are really obliged to ‘hunt’ smartphones at prices that are right in the pocket. In addition, we also have to really see the features and technology that are carried. Don’t let us spend a lot of money to buy the ideal smartwatch, but it turns out that the features are just like that. It’s a shame, right.